FR Brand Inline Skate 230mm Laces

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FR Brand Inline Skate 230mm Laces. These are very durable flat, reinforced inline skate laces. Add some color to your skates! These laces’ length is 230mm long and best suitable for skates that can be laced all the way up.

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5 reviews for FR Brand Inline Skate 230mm Laces

  1. FRGL1

    A SEBA lace for a SEBA boot

    While I love the aesthetics, the build quality of these laces is not exceptional. Cheap laces that aren’t even made for skating can probably do better.

    There’s only one reason I would consider buying these: They move through the boot smoothly.

    Using waxed laces that are very thin is troublesome on the FR boot. Since these laces are specifically designed for SEBA products, they’re going to be easier to use: Just learn how to sew if you want to make them last longer, and reinforce your lace ends with glue.

  2. Nicolas

    Decent laces

    These are still new. Seem a little light but they tie up nice and on a seba high light boot aren’t the most important component due to the three buckles/straps. They tie tight and stay out of the way.

  3. Steven

    Seba Laces

    I like Seba laces for Seba skates. I had considered changing these out for waxed laces on my Seba FR1s, but I realized that the unwaxed Seba laces are actually better for this particular skate. How? The buckles truly keep the foot tight in the boot, and having laces that are waxed, and thus “tighter”, serves little purpose. Also, one must really undo the laces down past the forefoot to remove the hardshell Seba skate, so the unwaxed Seba lace is ideal for this task; waxed laces would make it harder to unlace as necessary to remove one’s foot.

    As usual, Seba has it “dialed in” for their skates. These laces are recommended for Seba skates. πŸ™‚

  4. Daniel

    Love the laces

    Love the laces

  5. Dan

    Good quality

    I initially got a black pair of laces to replace my old ones because the tips finally wore off. I bought a red pair after because they do lace up well in my FR1’s, and i got new Under Cover Python wheels. Had to match the laces. It’s a good quality lace, as well as a nice accesory to really β€œpull” your skate together. Pun intended lol.

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