Cats Jaguar Rustproof 608 Bearings Set (16 pack)


The jaguar name is used as a symbol of power in many ancient civilizations. The jaguar animal apart from being known for its aggressive hunting technique is also known for being one of the felines that enjoy swimming. Adapting these features is our Jaguar range of bearings which can work in any kind of weather – rain, summer or winter.

Jaguars are known to be swift and fatal predators. Just like that our bearings promise to deliver swift acceleration to keep you ahead in the race.

Please note: the new batch of bearing does not include the oil due to the new shipping regulations.

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  • Bearing races are made of High hardness Martensitic Stainless Steel
  • Removable non-contact rubber seal with non-rusting stainless steel inserts
  • Skate grade bearing tolerances
  • Large Radial Clearance to accommodate tilting loads.
  • Superfine ground raceways for smooth riding
  • Polyamide ball retainer for low sound
  • Long lasting synthetic lubrication
  • All weather proof bearing for use in all seasons
  • Identified by green colour CATSTM seal

Box Contents:
– 16 Bearings
– Bearing Cleaner
– 8 Hard Anodised Alluminium Spacers
– 16 Non Contant Seals

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3 reviews for Cats Jaguar Rustproof 608 Bearings Set (16 pack)

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    Love these

    I initially got these bearings because Bill Stoppard used and abused the Leopard bearings by Cats. These were rustproof and by the same brand. I’ e had them for about a month, and i think they’re great! I have no worries about dust and water wrecking my sessions. It seems like Bill Stoppard is at it again too and decided to run these bearings through his own test of time. Two thumbs up. Well worth the asking price.

  2. Victor Delgado (verified owner)

    Hello skaters,

    These were my first great purchase after my carbon hardcore evo trinity boots. I bought these for fun and based on Bill Stoppards recommendations and they have been the only bearings ive ever owned apart from the abec 9 ones that came with my Nick Lomax skates. I have had them for about 2 years now and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing they are. These keep the speed so good and makes the skating experience that much better. I would highly recommend for bowl skating and to anyone looking to justify the price. I’m new to skating and can’t wait to buy another set!

  3. viktor (verified owner)

    Had enough of the cheap bearings that came with skates. Life is too short to not have at least stainless bearings.

    Marketing Mumbai on the box does not give reassurance. The labels/stickers looks like they were made in a sweatshop, unprofessional, like they have been found after 20 years in some storage room (it doesn’t really work well with the materials used).

    The cover on the dust protectors is made out of a bad plastic that shredded to pieces in 5 minutes once wetted in rain. The cheap ones were more resistant to slight frame rubbing. They still work, just that there is the metal plate visible.

    The spacers provided made my wheels spin slightly less than stock aluminium ones from powerslide.

    The washer bottle works surprisingly well. I used laundry powder to clean first, rinse well, dry and re-lube.

    They are going well and haven’t been cleaning them anywhere near as much as the non-stainless I had before.

    I give 3.5/5 stars (website broken?) because they seem alright but price is slightly high, especially given the issues.

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