Twincam ILQ-X BCB Ceramic 608 Bearings (16 pack)


Twincam ILQ-X BCB Ceramic 608 Bearings are designed for professional speed skaters. They are super lite, fast, and durable. The ultimate choice for a skater seeking great performance!

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Sold in packs of 16 pieces, plus 8 aluminium UFO spacers included

  • Made in USA Black Ceramic Ball
  • Exclusive 7 ball design inline bearing.
  • 29% lighter than 608 bearing
  • Exclusive design 7 ball nylon retainer with self-lubricated material.
  • Inner ring with exclusive design “SCRS”, S-channel Rubber Shield and “DCF” – Double Contamination Free.
  • Provides the most maximum contamination free protection than any other in-line bearing in the market.
  • Clearance designed for in-line racing.
  • Greater loading than standard 608 bearings.
  • Lubricant: TK Ultra Light Gel gives better protection inside balls and nylon retainer.

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