Flying Eagle Supersonic 3x110 165 Inline Frames
Flying Eagle Supersonic 3×110 165 Inline Frames

Flying Eagle Supersonic 3×110 165 Inline Frames


Flying Eagle Supersonic 3×110 165 Inline Frames. These Supersonic 3×110 frames are made out of 6000-grade aluminum and have a special CNC 3D reinforcement design, making them durable yet very light.

They are designed for skaters who would like to have the speed and low vibration of riding 110m wheels combined with the maneuverability of a 4×80 setup.

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Technical Specs :

  • Size: 251mm / 9.8″ – 3x110mm wheels
  • Colors: Black, Red, Blue and Purple
  • Mounting distances: 165mm
  • Weight: 187gr
  • Material: CNC Aluminum 6000 grade

A pair of frames is coming with 6 axles and 6 spacers.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Frame Length (mm)

Skating Style



Frame Mount


Wheel Size (mm)

13 reviews for Flying Eagle Supersonic 3×110 165 Inline Frames

  1. Kacey (verified owner)

    Great frame!

    Not quite ready to move to 125mm. 110 is a very smooth ride and much more maneuverable than my 4x90mm frames I was riding before. The build quality of the frames, axels and bearing spacers is top notch. Highly recommend these.

  2. Calvin (verified owner)

    Works Great

    Installed these on my Rollerblade Maxxum 100 skates the fit isn’t perfect but its solid. Im using bones swiss bearings and atom one wheels and its perfect for city skating around Washington DC and the bike trails, the 110mm wheels can handle about anything and the shorter frame has amazing maneuverability. I have several other skates but prefer this set up for most situations. I originally thought 3 wheeled skates looked goofy but I now like the look and have gotten many compliments.

  3. Tonedawg

    You Gotta Get These !!!

    Try it! 3 wheels is the future of urban and fitness skating. And the cheapest way to try it out is to buy these frames and slap them on your old boots. But take my word for it… these frames have given me more speed and manoeuvrability than any advancement in inline skating since… since… since the Flintstones era!!! You will never skate on 4 wheels again!!!

  4. Andrew

    A must have for urban or fitness

    I bought these frames because I simply wanted to go faster than your traditional 4×80 setup. I recently bought the FE F7’s with the stock 4×80 rockerable frame. I should have originally got these frames because they’re much faster and worth it. Be warned, you won’t ever skate on 4 wheels again!

  5. Snoop the shark (verified owner)


    Great quality, Mounted on my Seba GT and they just ride smooth with gyro varlkyrie 85A smooth as ever on the road (asphalt)

  6. David (verified owner)

    Amazing Frames

    These are spectacular frames that enable the use of 110 mm wheels. They allow you to move on rougher roads and for greater distances than smaller wheels.

    The overall build quality of these frames is excellent. They are well constructed, and transfer power well.

    I am very pleased with my purchase of these frames, and have no regrets.

  7. E (verified owner)

    Great Urban Frame

    Great frame. Much smoother and faster rolling on the 110s. The frame is very maneuverable and not much longer than the 4x80s. It’s also much cheaper purchasing 6x110s than 8x80s.

    Very happy with my purchase!

  8. Damon (verified owner)

    Great Frames!!

    I bought these frames to get into triskating, and boy, was I impressed. These roll great and are very maneuverable. I would recommend these to anyone looking for those qualities… and I most definitely buy them again!

  9. ROYCE (verified owner)


    I’ve wanted this frame a long time! It’s the perfect 3-wheel design.

  10. Jacob

    Great frame

    Great frames.

  11. Stephen (verified owner)

    Great frame!

    Maneuverable, durable, and light! Overall great frame for the price.

  12. Dan

    Fantastic Frame!

    Really great frame! Positioned in the middle of the skate, it even feels like a 4×90 set up. Fear not the transition to tri skates with these. Very durable. I’ve had mine for years and they’re still in like new condition after a lot of abuse. Well done Flying Eagle. Worth every penny.

  13. Ken Endo

    first impression when I unboxed them… holy these are light.
    after a year of rolling these R.E.D. 2018 they still look great and feel very manoeuvrable and is the frame that I have the easiest time to bust out a powerslide or bill stoppard stop

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