Powerslide Combat Rocker 260mm 4×80 Trinity Frames


Powerslide Combat Rocker 260mm 4×80 Trinity Frames. POWERSLIDE’s collection of Combat Rocker frames is designed to give urban freeride skaters everything they’re looking for – different wheel setups and innovative features that will help bring your skating experience to a whole new level. The Combat Rocker 260 – 80 is a fantastic urban freeride frame that gives you the stability of four wheels while still being agile and responsive thanks to its innovative rocker system. Made of high-grade aluminum, the frame is lightweight and rigid, helping augment responsiveness. The frame’s HXG rocker system incorporates hexagon-shaped spacers that can be adjusted to six different positions and each wheel can be rockered individually, giving you virtually limitless options.

For ultimate balance and control, the POWERSLIDE Combat Rocker 260 – 80 frame is engineered around the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system. TRINITY connects to the boot with three points of contact which creates a channel and brings the wheels as close to the boot as possible which gives you a low center of gravity, along with improved stability, control, and power transfer. If you’re looking for an innovative, high-performance urban freeride frame, the hunt is over.

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The frame comes in pairs with axles and spacers.

  • Length: 10,2″ (260mm)
  • Material: AL 6061 aircraft Extruded and CNC machining
  • Mounting Trinity
  • Frame setup: 4x80mm
  • Hexagon rocker spacer with 6 options per wheel to create your perfect skate setup
  • Heel brake: No brake available

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