Cats Leopard Ultra Fast 608 Bearings Set (16 pack)


LEOPARDs are one of the fastest animals in the feline world only next to CHEETAH, similarly, these bearings are one of the fastest and most long-lasting steel bearings in the market. These bearings are designed to get you on the Race Track and win like a leopard, by making your skates faster with less vibration and increased power.

Truly magnificent, rogue, inquisitive and ravenous – all qualities are used to describe a leopard and the leopard version of our bearings, which will give your skates the same muscular power and promptitude as in the legs of a leopard.

Please note: the new batch of bearing does not include the oil due to the new shipping regulations.

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  • Bearing Races made of extra refined Vacuum degassed 100Cr6 Bearing races for long life
  • Removable type non-contact rubber seal with non-rusting stainless steel inserts
  • Skate grade extra refined super fine bearing tolerances for high speed racing
  • Large Radial Clearances adjusted for high speeds (in straight line) and axial loads (for turns)
  • Extra super fine ground raceways for high speed smooth riding
  • Polyamide ball retainer for high speed and low sound
  • Special lubrication for high speed skating
  • Identified with brown colour CATSTM seal

Box Contents:
– 16 Bearings
– Bearing Cleaner
– 8 Hard Anodised Alluminium Spacers
– 16 Non Contant Seals

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4 reviews for Cats Leopard Ultra Fast 608 Bearings Set (16 pack)

  1. Bode (verified owner)

    Great Bearings

    This are the nicest bearings I Have bought. Able to go pretty fast. Plan on getting some more.

  2. Malcolm Girard-LeBlanc (verified owner)

    Just bought these and tried them for the first time on a 3 x 100m powerslide trinity set-up. Visually they are nice, have excellent freespin, and the package comes with bearing oil and a bearing cleaner, which adds some value if you don’t have those already. In terms of performance while skating, I can’t say that I noticed a difference other than they make very little noise or rattling, when compared to the original wicked abec 9 bearings that came with my skates. The pavement where I skated is quite rough and there is a lot of hills and wind, so it’s difficult to feel if the bearings really make a difference between those other factors. Overall I find that they are pricey for me, since I’m not noticing an immediate change in performance. There are a lot of videos out there from people that say expensive bearings aren’t worth it, especially when you factor in your time to clean them vice just replacing dirty bearings with new cheap bearings each season. I don’t regret buying them, time will tell how they hold up with regular maintenance, but I won’t be in a rush to invest more money in high end bearings in my other skates. I think in the future my money will be better spend on upgrading wheel and skate quality vs. bearings. 3 out 5 because I didn’t really see a difference and the price is high, but nothing wrong with the product.

  3. Michael Holland (verified owner)

    These bearings have incredible freespin that just keeps going and going. Love these bearings.

  4. Fahmi (verified owner)

    Try putting on these bearings and race against the wind, you will know how magnificent these bearings are.

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