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Twincam ILQ-X mr2 608 Speed Bearings (16 pack)
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Twincam ILQ-X mr2 608 Speed Bearings (16 pack)


Twincam ILQ-X mr2 608 bearings are ultra light, dust-protected and fast! The mr2 bearing weights 8,6g including the spacer compared to 11,2g of the standard 608 bearings.

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16 pieces per pack, plus 8 aluminium UFO spacers.

  • 29% lighter than 608 bearing.
  • 7 ball design. Increase Cr. And Cor.
  • Exclusive design nylon retainer. Reduce noise.
  • Exclusive design “SCRS”,
  • Exclusive design “DCF”, provides maximum anti contamination.
  • Lubricant: TK Ultra Light Gel
  • Design for professional speed skaters.


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4 reviews for Twincam ILQ-X mr2 608 Speed Bearings (16 pack)

  1. Tonedawg


    If you like speed and no-hassle bearings, these are for you. Twitcam ILQ in general are the top of the top, and the mr2 are one of their best products. I’ll be back!!!

  2. benaiaha

    Excellent bearings, easy to clean, very fast. Only problem I had was when the aluminum spacer got stuck, but the entire bearing was broken by that point.
    I do lots of jumps and these held up rather well on my 3×110 setup, through multiple sets of wheels.

  3. Tekuzumodoto (verified owner)

    I was surprised how good these are. They do such a good job of maintaining that day 1 smoothness and after a year still feel close to new. A great deal for what you get!
    These are a great recommendation for anyone. Minimal care, maintains speed and smoothness since it does well keeping dust and water out. With all considered, the price makes this my go to bearings without question. The most reliable bearings in it’s price range even without cleaning and lubricating, it will last long. I always recommend them and replaced all my cats leopards with these. Love this SCRS and DCF design. The benefits definitely show in practical use.

  4. benaiaha

    These bearings are incredible. Super smooth, super fast.
    My only issue was when the bearing bosses that get them to the right size for jammed in the bearing, I could not pry it out and had to dispose of the whole thing. But the bearings themselves, *chef kiss*

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