Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ front
Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ 72/76/80mm 88A LED and Sparkling (4 Pack)

Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ 72/76/80mm 88A LED and Sparkling (4 Pack)


Flying Eagle Lazerwheelz is the first ever perfect combination of LED and Sparkling wheels in one unit! A super FUN combination for any skater!

It is essentially a fusion of three superb features:

  • High quality super high rebound 88A poyurthane
  • High intensity LED lights
  • Multiple high quality Magnesium inserts for sparks
(9 customer reviews)

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The longer lasting Super high rebound PU material gives you a high quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll.

Comes with the magnetic spacer that has to be used to generate the power to light up the LEDs. Can be used only with 8mm axles!

Size: 80mm, 76mm, and 72mm
Colors: White, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, and Orange
Hardness: 88A
Bearing Core: 608 (Standard)
Spacer: 10.25±0.03mm
Recommended Surface: Road, Asphalt

Sold in Sets of 4.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Wheel Size (mm)

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Wheel Durability



9 reviews for Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ 72/76/80mm 88A LED and Sparkling (4 Pack)

  1. WIll (verified owner)

    Awesome Wheels!

    These wheels are amazing looking and perform just like my reg set up. Throwing out some sparks with others just staring is to much fun!

  2. Ant “Dash” (verified owner)


    I LOVE THESE WHEELS!!! Everywhere I go they turn heads!! The glow from the lights are pretty bright and they can take a beating unlike some other lights that go out from a few jumps! I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to be the eye on the night!

  3. E (verified owner)

    Great Wheels

    Very nice, durable wheels. Excellent for urban skating. I really like the lights. They’re great for ensuring people see you at night and add to safety. They also just plain look cool.

    The flint that makes the sparks seems to wear out pretty quickly. I haven’t used any spark skates previously, so I don’t know how they compare. I do like how I still have the lights though.

  4. Calvin (verified owner)

    Pure Fun

    Originally had Powerslide fothon and Seba spark wheels; when these came out it was a dream come true led’s and sparks all in one wheel. Installed on Rollerblade Twister skates; bought the blue and red. Led’s are plenty bright and the 88A hardness gives great roll, durability, and sliding ability most folks have never seen anything like these before so be prepared for stares.

  5. alpharex970 (verified owner)

    better than i thought!

    Bought these wheels knowing they were on back-order but it was definitely worth the wait!
    I bought 80MM red wheels for my Rollerblade twister 80’s and they fit perfectly! they are easy to install and work wonderful!
    At first you might think they’re “sticky” but in the end they really aren’t.
    The only thing bad, which really isn’t bad, the wheels are bigger than my factory wheels but its fine.
    definitely worth the fair price and the wait!
    10/10 would recommend!!!

  6. Joseph (verified owner)


    Not only are the wheels simply fun, they look stunning at night. Tons of compliments wherever i go, and for $40 they aren’t bank breakers in my opinion. I purchased the 80mm Blue and combo’d them with a set of green from another brand and the effect is great.

  7. Michael (verified owner)


    Wheels are great. Ive skated everyday 2 miles for about 2 months with these wheels on and they’re great. Some of the LEDs are going out now.

  8. Rich (verified owner)

    Initial review

    I originally bought these to aid in visibility / safety during night skates. What I also got was a quality wheel with great response and control. All in all, I am impressed with these
    wheels. Good job to Flying Eagle and thanks for making them available ProSkatersPlace!

  9. Christopher Roberts (verified owner)

    Green 76mm look amazing they spark like crazy and yes you are going to turn heads. Very bright LED color!

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