Flying Eagle F7 Optimum Inline Skates Sizes 38/39/40/42EU
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Flying Eagle F7 Optimum Inline Skates Sizes 38/39/40/42EU


Flying Eagle F7 Optimum skates are the world’s most advanced, combining two plastics of two different densities to allow for perfect support and fit. New for 2020 is with the black and red shell! A soft v-cut cuff section as well as a soft lace hole area, designed to keep the skate close to your feet and at the same time excellent for jumps and slides thanks to your ankle being supported side to side yet free to move in a forward and backward motion. This is also great for long-distance skating as it allows you to bend your knees forward more than usual. This skate is extremely durable and versatile, built to last, and to satisfy even a very demanding and aggressive skater.

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Perfect for Urban, City skating, Freestyle

Technical specifications:

  • Shell: Premium ultra-resistant
  • Liners: Removable, Advanced non-stick comfortable, exchangeable and washable
  • Closures: top strap with metal buckle, middle micrometric strap, and laces
  • Frames: Ego Red 6000-AL CNC, rockerable frames with thread-in axles
  • Bearings: Flying Eagle Pro
  • Wheels: 36-40EU – 76mm, 41-44EU – 80mm 85A SHR PU
  • Brake: Not included (optional FR Heel brake with a rockerable brake axle)
  • Sizes: 36EU-44EU
  • Made in China

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg

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Skating Style

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Wheel Size (mm)


Boot Durability

Boots Comfort

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Recommended Skill Level

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Flying Eagle Sizing Chart

Based on our experience, all of the Flying Eagle skates are running about half a size smaller than the shoe size as well as average in width. They are usually not the best choice for skaters with wide feet.

Please note: your shoe size is the defining factor! Almost never, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is very wide, please go one size up than your shoe size. If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoes sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimeters or MM – length in millimeters.

12 reviews for Flying Eagle F7 Optimum Inline Skates Sizes 38/39/40/42EU

  1. Stephen (verified owner)

    Superb Skate

    After watching the inimitable Bill Stoppard’s YouTube review of the FE Falcon, I immediately decided I had to check out this skate, especially because of the nice price. But I decided instead to get the slightly more expensive FE F7 Optimum, and it’s a decision I definitely don’t regret!

    For the price, they’re light, easy to get on and off, extremely comfortable, and very well made. I’m more of a fitness than a freestyle skater, so I found the 243 mm frames just a tad too short and responsive, so I put on a pair of 273 mm frames and I’m really rocking these skates.

    Kudos to Flying Eagle for a superb product at an excellent price point!

  2. Nonsense

    fantastic urban skates

    solid and durable, the hardshell can take a beating. Perfect for urban skating if you want a pair that will last you long and can that the shock of bad roads.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Great skate all around! Super comfy!

    My first pair of Flying Eagle skates and couldn’t be happier with them and Pro Skaters Place. I’ve already placed more orders with them due to their fast turn around time and they have the best selection of FE skates as well as high end products. F7’s are very comfortable right out of the box. I wore ankle socks my first ride in them and didn’t regret it one bit. Frames are strong. Bearings are very smooth and they look great! Thx PSPlace!

  4. Andrew

    Best skates for the price

    I bought these to start skating again around urban areas while doing some jumps here and there. Pavel was a pleasure to deal with at PSP. I am definitely going to be buying the Supersonic frame for my F7’s.

  5. WINDJAMMER-AFK (verified owner)


    watching Bill Stoppard’s on YouTube reviewing of the Falcon f6.i decided to get the F7 main reason because i like the F7 color. i purchase zetrablade blade 80 from amazon paying almost $100 but i regret because of posture/alignment issue comfort was so,so. see with these Falcon F7 skate you can tweak skates to your likeness.i will recommend pro skater place to start stacking on parts like axle,liners for the eagle brand.i am a novice but i have improve a lot using these skates.,very durable,comfortable,good shock absorbing.well that all .have a great day and STAY LOW standing Tall is for suckers:)the bill man stop-hard not Stoppard lol .Also i will recommenced before sending the skate out to customer not to rocker it beginners will not no and find it very hard to get balance/control on them thinking something is wrong with skates.that it then.

  6. Edwin (verified owner)


    These skates are very impressive. The liner is comfortable and the laces and buckles are supportive without being too difficult to tighten for a good fit. The buckles seem durable. I wanted to try something different, so I got the optional 3x110mm supersonic frames with Twincam ILQ9 Pro bearings and Gyro Valkyrie Red 85A wheels. As a result, these skates are very fast and highly maneuverable. I ordered a size 42 and I agree that the skates run a half-size smaller. Overall, I’m impressed with these skates and would recommend them for freeriding.

  7. Cranespud (verified owner)

    Love them

    This are my first pair of skates ever so I don’t have any criteria to compare them against, so I’m going to share my experience with them.

    Size: I wear EU 43 shoes, but I read that its better for skates to be half size smaller so I ordered EU 42 which resulted to be a bit tighter than I like, but depending on how I lace them they are comfortable.

    Wheels: I’ve been learning on rough asphalt and after 30 hours I can see the front and back wheels being deformed considerably (probably due my bad strides and lack of edge control) so I suggest if your place is like mine order an extra set wheels as well..

    Speed: Though my technique is not quite polished yet I can tell that bigger wheels makes the difference while attaining and maintaining speed. The standard 80mm are very smooth though, they don’t transfer as much vibration from the surface unlike skateboards for example, which is great!

    Durability: You can tell that this skates are made to last, very sturdy and light, sure they can take a beating without problem.

    So far I’m very happy with this skates I’ll definitely buy another Flying Eagles again.

  8. Ken (verified owner)

    Great skate, beware if you have high arches

    I’ve been skating for twenty years, mostly urban skating. I loved everything about these skates except for one issue.

    I have high arches. The hardshells themselves accommodated for that fairly well with flexible material around the laces, but the liners did not. They were cut too low and the shells dug into my ankle bone.

    I was able to fix this, albeit imperfectly, with some gel pads, and then later a pair of intuiton liners and the are now my favorite skates. Just be aware that this may be an issue for you if you have high arches.

  9. Efrain (verified owner)

    Amazing Skates

    My first pair of expensive skates and I love them. Very comfortable skates and really good for a beginner like myself. You wont be dissapointed if you buy these skates. You will love them. Very much appreciate the staff of that helped me out with to figure out my size. They were right on the money with the size they recommended.

  10. Liban (verified owner)

    Best value for the price

    I chose these because I am already familiar with these boots and liner. I have the Flying Eagle F110H which is the same boot just different color, and this time i was looking for 80mm stakes. They are very comfortable right out of the box, no breaking period for me. The quality is very good, the frame is the strongest in the market and its rockerable so you get a good value for the price. it will come as rockered when you receive them, so be careful if you are a beginner. I would highly recommend proskatersplace to start selling the F7 liner because they are one of the best liners out there. I contemplated getting other boots like F6S but i heard they are narrower than these, i also wanted to try the Rollerblade twister X but they do not have the rocker option and i was not familiar with the fitting. So i stuck to what i know and i do not regret it.

  11. Megan (verified owner)

    In LOVE with these skates

    These are hands down everything I have ever wanted in skates! They can do it all! From slalom to a marathon distance. They will have you shredding in comfort!!

  12. Carsyn Cassidy (verified owner)

    The boots are very comfortable and can be worn all day. They handle my commute with ease and they’re fun to play around on. I’m still learning some skills and they are definitely durable and can take a beating

    The one thing is when I got them the wheels were on WAY too tight making the bearings stick so I had to loosen them off. This may have also affected the bearings’ longevity.

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