Sonic Turbo Bearings Wash
Sonic Turbo Bearings Wash
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Sonic Turbo Bearings Wash


Sonic Turbo Bearings Wash for bearings maintenance. This is the laundry machine for skate bearings – dirty bearings are loaded, get agitated, and emerge spotless. It makes bearings shine for a faster and smoother roll. It is the perfect way to clean your favorite bearings and to ensure that they run smoothly and quietly without a drop in speed.

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• Washes up to 16 bearings in one load
• No need to install bearings on a rack that holds only 8 bearings – 2 loads needed
• Just like clothes in a laundry machine, the agitation of the loose bearings promotes cleaning
• Loose bearings won’t get damaged…they’re made of hardened steel

• Sonic® Citrus Cleaner included
• No need to buy separate cleaning solution

• In chicken soup, oil floats since it’s lighter than broth
• Sonic® Citrus Cleaner is lighter than oil so it floats above it
• In the Turbo Wash, oil & dirt sink to the bottom so bearings aren’t contaminated when removed

• Awarded United States utility patent
• Custom cap plug prevents leaks during transit & storage

1. REMOVE shields from bearings
2. LOAD bearings in strainer tub & replace lid
3. SOAK 10 minutes & agitate gently
4. UNLOAD bearings, dry completely, lubricate & replace shields
Optional: SCRUB with a brush for stubborn grime


• No need to throw out dirty Citrus Cleaner – it’s effective even if it looks dirty
• Use a coffee filter or paper towel to strain & reuse the Citrus Cleaner
• If there’s not enough Citrus Cleaner in the jar, top off with Sonic® Citrus Cleaner in the 8 oz bottle
• If you need to discard Citrus Cleaner, follow your city’s guidance for disposal of hazardous waste (paint, solvents)

• Sonic® Citrus Cleaner contains orange and lemon oil
• After using Citrus Cleaner, it’s normal for bearings to have a slightly oily residue
• To remove residue from bearings, let evaporate 30 minutes or wipe with a clean, lint-free cloth

Made in USA

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1 review for Sonic Turbo Bearings Wash

  1. InlineMonkey

    Recently bought this from the site, I had to clean out some wckd bearings that rolled THRU THE MUD. Foolishly I left the mud to sit along with some water and the bearings ended up rusting.

    The turbo wash is effective when dirty as stated, but I don’t believe it is as proficient of course. With that being said, the product made all of my bearings moving again. good value for its price and the amount of cleaner that comes with it, as well as the mini basket.

    Just make sure that if you do in fact skate in scummy areas with alot of mud, that you purchase a refill. Although this removes dirt, it is a bit hard to remove the dirt itself with a filter.

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