Seba Small Bag Blue
Seba Small Blue Skate Backpack
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Seba Small Blue Skate Backpack


Seba Medium Skate Backpack is a perfect solution to carry your skates and all that you need for your skate sessions!

Ergonomic with multiple pockets, smartphone / iPad pocket and breathable padding for the back. Top-quality from the top brand! This is practically the only backpack that carries the skates flat under the main compartment flap!

They are available in Black and Red, Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, and Grey colors.

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Equipped with:

  • Skate holder
  • Mp3 Player pocket
  • Cellphone pocket
  • Rain Cover

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg

6 reviews for Seba Small Blue Skate Backpack

  1. Joshua

    So comfortable, I broke my wrist

    This is the kind of backpack you could take when you go camping for the weekend (not saying you should). It’s HUGE.

    It’s also VERY comfortable. The shape of the straps and the location of the padding are extremely well designed.

    The bag is so comfortable that I underestimated the weight I was carrying one day and fell backwards, breaking my wrist.

    It’s too large for everyday, general-purpose use, but if you’re travelling long distance by plane or train, it’s got more than enough space to fit whatever you’d need on your trip, AND your skates.

  2. ClaypoolSkates (verified owner)

    Amazing Versatile Bag

    First off, I want to just say that I disagree with the other review that says this bag is HUGE. It is definitely big enough for your skates and a normal backpack sized amount of goods that you may want to take with you.

    The photo on this website shows the skates sticking out quite a bit, but I’ve found that you can overlap the wheels in the center of the storage area on the back and cinch them nice and tight to avoid walking around with skate wings that knock into things and people if you’re not careful.

    The quality of the fabric is great. It’s waterproof, but it comes with a great rain cover on the bottom that is large enough to cover your skates so they don’t get wet (rust sucks).

    There are many big to little pockets inside which I thoroughly enjoyed seeing. I hope Proskaters Place puts a few more pics of the inside of the bag on here!

    Holy crap, it’s really comfortable and ergonomic, too. I really like the feel of it on my back skating or on foot. The padding on the shoulder straps and on the back of the bag are really thick and comfortable without being cumbersome.

    Lastly, the price is really great for a specialized bag of such quality, in my opinion. It’s cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen online and SEBA already put a good price on it to begin with.

    I couldn’t recommend this bag more and I do think it is versatile (light, but strong and spacious) enough to be an everyday bag.

  3. Chris

    best $109 I spent last month

    I’ve used Deuter backpacks for years, so have a certain expectation of comfort and attention to detail. This bag easily matches the quality of the bags I’m used to, and does a great job of carrying skates. I often (inline) skate to (figure or hockey) skating practice, and this bag carries any one of those types of skates comfortably and securely. Additionally, it has three zippered pouches (of increasing size), so you can really fit in a variety of gear. The only disappointment is there is no bounce-free way to carry a helmet, but that’s a minor complaint about an otherwise great bag.

  4. Rex (verified owner)

    Great way to carry your skates!

    It’s the perfect bag to carry your skates, a good size for your essential gear. You could actually position your skates with the wheels inside the bag or at the outer edges. Good quality and very comfortable.

  5. zachary (verified owner)

    Definitely not small

    This bag is super high quality and seems durable. Hopefully it’s a pack that lasts 10 years at the price it’s at. They should call it medium bag because it’s definitely not small. It holds my laptop and textbooks while holding on to my skates. The one turn off is that if want to get to the main zippered pocket, it is quite a hassle of your skates are already strapped in.

    As a final note, the grey colored Seba Small looks awesome.

  6. Christopher


    Im a full size guy, 6′ over 200lbs and this bag fits great. I could not really imagine needing anything larger than this. There is plenty of room for everything. I can even fit a camelbak tub thru the headphones access hole. Perfect!

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