MYFIT Asymmetrical Skating Socks

MYFIT Asymmetrical Skating Socks


MYFIT Skating Socks are anatomically formed asymmetrical skating socks. MYFIT Skating Socks mean control. Skates are made with lasts that follow the shape of the human foot, but each foot is different. With those skating socks you can fine tune this shape, reduce friction, and improve fitting and performance.

MYFIT Skating Socks have been reinforced in areas with most pressure and friction, like shins, heel and toe area. This provides more comfort and takes away pressure points, thus giving you more fun and joy when skating. Ergonomic design made to improve!

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Sold in pairs.

Main features:

  • Medium volume cushioning enables optimum pressure distribution and control
  • Anatomical design left and right, designed just for skating purpose
  • Direct shoe contact for hybrid, soft and hard-boots
  • Reduces pressure points and friction on shinbone, ankle, and heel
  • Helps to reduce blisters
  • Fitters moisture to the outside

Product Details:

  • Material – 80% Cotton / 20% PA
  • Sizes: S 35-38EU (feet up to 22cm), M 39-42 EU (feet up to 25cm), L 43-46EU (feet up to 27cm)
  • Colour – white and grey with black details
  • Made in Spain

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2 reviews for MYFIT Asymmetrical Skating Socks

  1. mylorik

    Very comfortable socks

    The socks is very comfortable. You will feel better control of your rollerblades just as soon as you wear them. You will feel “sliding” muuuuch better. Even after long riding, like 4-5 hours your foots get sweat, but you don’t really feel it, and the control remains the same as it was dry. Don’t even try to compare “PS Skate socks” with regular one.
    P.s. If you like to skate every day, and you don’t have any skates socks I really recommend buy a skate socks, and those ones are really good, despite on the high price =)

  2. Adam (verified owner)

    Really that good!

    Ordered these socks despite not really expecting to be blown away, but I was. Never had a sock feel more comfortable on my foot than off before! They don’t, of course, magically create a perfect fit in my skates, but after an hour and a half today, although my ankles were tired, the pain I’m used to feeling on the anklebone was not there. If ultrathin socks aren’t what you need, these are worth the price.

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