WICKED ABEC 7 Freespin Bearings
WICKED ABEC 7 Freespin Bearings (16 pack)
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WICKED ABEC 7 Freespin Bearings (16 pack)


WICKED ABEC 7 Freespin Bearings are specially designed to suit all your needs. Designed with high-quality materials. One of the most common questions about bearings, is “What ABEC are those?” but a better question should be, what does ABEC mean? Basically, ABEC is a rating system for the tolerances in bearings. The higher the number, for example, ABEC 7, the less the tolerance in the bearing. Having smaller tolerances means that your bearing will spin faster, for longer.

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Sold in sets of 16 bearings (enough for 8 wheels).

Technical Specs:

  • 7 balls
  • chrome steel
  • Rubber 2RZ shield
  • Nylon bearing cage
  • synthetic oil lubrication

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