Frame Sets

Inline Skate Frame Sets are the perfect way to upgrade or customize your favorite rollerblades! These sets already include the frames, wheels, and bearings, so that is all you need at the best price.

Finding and breaking in a good pair of skate boots is often difficult. If you like their quality, control, and support, but would like to explore other setups with bigger / smaller wheels or 3-wheels instead of 4 or vice versa – these Frame Sets are the easiest way to go. All of the modern quality rollerblades come with two or three mounting bolts at the bottom, so switching frames is super easy. If you have the rivets, you will need to buy a new pair of skates.

The most common mounting standards on the markets are 165mm, 180mm, 195mm, Trinity, and UFS. To determine the mm standard, just measure the distance between the middles of the two bolts. The Trinity standard is the one with 3 bolts (two at the front and one and the back), while UFS is the standard of the aggressive style boots that usually come without a raised heel.

If you don’t see the exact setup you are looking to get among these frame sets, we have the best selection of frames and wheels that you can buy separately.

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