Nordic Poles

Elevate your cross-country skiing with our premium Nordic poles.

Designed for both classic and skate skiing, our poles ensure optimal performance and durability. Discover top-quality Nordic poles designed for cross-country skiing enthusiasts from beginner to competitive level. ProSkaters Place offers a wide range of poles for both classic and skate skiing.

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Showing 1–24 of 40 results

Nordic Poles: Enhancing Your Cross-Country Skiing Experience

Cross-country skiing, also known as Nordic skiing, is a delightful way to traverse snow-covered landscapes. While the skis are crucial, Nordic poles play an equally vital role in ensuring a smooth and efficient skiing experience. At ProSkaters Place, we offer a curated selection of Nordic poles tailored to enhance your cross-country adventures.

The Significance of Quality Nordic Poles

Quality Nordic poles affect:

  • Propulsion: They enable skiers to push off and glide faster.
  • Power Transfer: Better quality poles assure efficient hand muscles and body core power transfer.
  • Fatigue: They reduce fatigue and allow longer skiing and more fun.

Tips for Choosing the Right Nordic Poles

  • Length: For classic skiing, poles should reach your armpits. For skate skiing, they should be longer, reaching up to your chin or lips.
  • Material: Carbon fiber poles are lightweight and offer excellent stiffness, while aluminum poles are durable and more affordable.
  • Tip: Look for sturdy tips that can grip the snow and provide a good push-off.

ProSkaters Place: Your Trusted Source for Nordic Poles

At ProSkaters Place, we pride ourselves on being the premier retailer in the USA and Canada for Cross Country poles and other winter sports essentials. Our range ensures that every cross-country skiing enthusiast finds the perfect set of Nordic poles for their needs.

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