NN Skates Sumo 4x110mm V.M Rocker 165/195 Frames
NN Skates Sumo 4x110mm V.M Rocker 165/195 Frames
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NN Skates Sumo 4x110mm V.M Rocker 165/195 Frames


NN Skates Sumo 4x110mm V.M Rocker 165/195 Frames. As the biggest frame with the biggest wheels in the NN family, the NN 110 is surprisingly spry for its size. The big 110mm wheels provide the smoothest experience for commuting or skating longer distances, while also giving riders the fastest, funniest ride around town. With the extra height, 110 is well-suited for the most experienced skater… allowing for deeper edging for more advanced skate moves. The long wheelbase provides ultra-stability, whether it’s bombing hills or freeriding in an urban setting. And people with big feet will love this big boy.

Nicknamed “sumo” by the NN Family, it’s time to go big or go home.

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These frames are sold in pairs and include axles.

NN Skates Sumo 4x110mm V.M Rocker 165/195mm Mount Specs:

  • Setup: Custom V and V.M Rockers
  • Material: CNC-Machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Wheels Setup: 4x110mm (max wheel size)
  • Frame Length: 335mm
  • Mounting: 165, 195mm (165mm-210mm)

For the 4-Wheel Frame, the “V” rocker is asymmetrical with the 3rd wheel as the lowest point. The 2nd and 4th wheels are slightly higher, with the 1st wheel being the highest. This creates a pivot point on the 3rd wheel for easier transitions and better maneuverability while providing a slight forward lean and more effective contact in the front 3 wheels for stability.

The “V.m” Rocker is a modification of the “V” Rocker, designed to improve maneuverability while still retaining most of the stability of the original “V” Rocker. This was accomplished by slightly lowering the 2nd wheel to provide an extra point of contact. The rocker is still asymmetric.

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