Twincam Rustproof 608 Bearings
Twincam Rustproof 608 Bearings (16 pack)
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Twincam Rustproof 608 Bearings (16 pack)


Twincam Rustproof 608 Bearings. Do you skate in all conditions? You don’t mind a little rain? Then you will love the rust-proof bearings designed by Twincam. These bearings are perfect for the skater who skates all year round and is faced with all kinds of weather conditions in their chosen sport. Adventure athletes such as Nordic skaters love this product for their off-road applications. The true all-weather bearings!

The Twincam Rustproof bearings are dust and water-resistant, and thanks to their new special lube, they keep a good speed. With those new bearings, you will have no more fear to skate everywhere, and in any weather! These bearings are suitable for inline skates, roller skates, skateboards, kickscooters, and many other uses.

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Twincam Rustproof (Seba Storm) bearings are coming with 16 pieces per pack.

  • 7 balls
  • Heat treated chrome steel balls
  • Reinforced nylon Retainer
  • High impact rubber shield
  • Water Resistant Lubrication
  • Lithium Base Grease

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2 reviews for Twincam Rustproof 608 Bearings (16 pack)

  1. Boon

    SMOOTH sailing in any weather, depends on skill level

    Wow it is such a wonderful feeling of seeing a water puddle and know he I can go right through that no problems good stuff at the best price around.

  2. Brett Wanyo (verified owner)

    Best bearings I’ve ever used! I’m slowly replacing all of my bearing sets with these.

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