Adapt Symetrics Superfast 65mm 90A Wheels (4 pack)


Adapt Symetrics Superfast 65mm 90A Wheels. Adapt Symetrics all-new wheel features a speed profile for even stride control and fast rolling. Adapt used a 90A compound that is unmatched in both speed and grip.

Pieter his obsession with finding the perfect wheel took us over a year; they tested wheels from 3 different manufacturers, several compounds, and cores. In the end, they decided to create their own mold and urethane since none of the wheel companies provided what we needed. Wanting to offer a completely blacked-out skate, Adapt always wanted a black wheel with the performance of a pure white wheel. To achieve this goal, Adapt went with the highest quality compound possible. It’s the first PURE black wheel on the current market to give both speed and grip as well as a long-lasting lifespan. Its name? The Symetrics Superfast

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Adapt Symetrics Superfast 65mm 90A Wheels are sold in 4 packs

  • 65mm/90a
  • Superfast compound
  • PURE black (no mixture lines)
  • Unique design and mold shape
  • Rounded profile with flow surface
  • Reinforced core
  • Set includes 4x Symetrics 65mm wheels
  • Designed for aggressive skating, both flat and anti-rocker

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