Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ Whitefire 110mm 85A LED and Sparkling (2 pack)


Flying Eagle Lazerwheelz is the first ever perfect combination of LED and Sparkling wheels in one unit! A super FUN combination for any skater! The longer lasting Super high rebound PU material gives you a high-quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll.

It is essentially a fusion of three superb features:

  • High quality super high rebound 85A polyurethane
  • High intensity White LED lights
  • Multiple high-quality Magnesium inserts for sparks
(2 customer reviews)

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Sold in Sets of 2.

Comes with the magnetic spacer that has to be used to generate the power to light up the LEDs. Can be used only with 8mm axles!

Size: 110mm
Colors: White
Hardness: 85A
Bearing Core: 608 (Standard)
Spacer: 10.25±0.03mm
Recommended Surface: Road, Asphalt

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Wheel Size (mm)

Wheel Durability



2 reviews for Flying Eagle LAZERWHEELZ Whitefire 110mm 85A LED and Sparkling (2 pack)

  1. Calvin (verified owner)


    Ive been waiting for this wheel to come out way back when Seba Spark and Powerslide Fothon wheels first came out. Ive had the 80mm and the non sparking 110mm Lazerwheels for awhile now and they still perform flawlessly but 110mm LED and sparking wheels is what I really wanted and FE delivered. I only wish they came in more colors and in 88A hardness(for more durability and easier sliding) like the smaller version. I put them on a Supersonic frame mounted on a Seba High Light 10 white boot; looks great. Only negative would be that all the LED’s aren’t the same. I have six wheels, some light up pure white and some have a blue hue to them. Anyways they skate just as good as any other wheel in there price range except they light up the ground as you skate.

  2. viktor (verified owner)

    Do NOT t-stop with these wheels while the edge is new! You will rip out the magnesium rods that make them spark, especially on rough road. Wait until the rods are flush, they should push in all the way but fresh the rods stick out a bit and will catch on stones and be pulled out.

    Note these wheels are really bad at stopping quickly, very slippery, after all they have lots of rods instead of the rubber.

    I have noticed these wheels can be over-tightened in frames so that the frames rub slightly against the wheels or something. Might be a spacer thing, not sure. Really tight around the bearings.

    They are fun though, bring lots of attention and probably shouldn’t stop at the petrol pump to say high to your mates.

    I’m hoping they will last a while yet, the “spokes” seem to be very tough which is where all my other wheels die first.

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