Powerslide NEXT Core Black 100 Urban Inline Skates Size 38/39EU
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Powerslide NEXT Core Black 100 Urban Inline Skates Size 38/39EU


Make the city your playground with the NEXT Series. The Powerslide NEXT Core Black 100 with is minimalistic yet modern design can handle any urban adventure you throw at it. What’s more, it comes with TRINITY technology and allows you to switch between different frame setups.

Coming with as standard with 100mm Spinner wheels, Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, and the Elite casted frames. Large sizes from 46 up to 47 come with a larger frame fitting max. 110mm wheels. This setup offers it all, from especially comfortable to extremely sporty, the perfect skate for the urban jungle.

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Perfect for Powerblading, Urban, and Fitness

  • Shell: Polypropylene, Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) – GFK
  • Closures: Upper Strap, Middle micro-adjustable ratchet buckle, laces
  • Liners: MYFIT Recall Liner, Heat moldable, Dual Fit
  • Frame: Powerslide Elite AL TRINITY Black
  • Frames Size: 231mm 3x100mm
  • Frame Mount: Trinity with Lower Center Of Gravity
  • Wheels:  Powerslide Spinner 100mm / 88A White (all sizes)
  • Bearings: Wicked ABEC9
  • Brake: not Included. Optional HABS brake
  • Weight: 1650g (size 42/43U)

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Weight4.5 kg

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PS Next Sizing

Accordingly to Powerslide, the Next boots are fitting fairly true to the shoe size. So far, our impression is that they fit a bit on a smaller side.

Please note: that your shoe size is the defining factor! Almost never, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is wider than average, please go one size up than your shoe size. As a general rule, Powerslide fits average in width.

If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoes sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimetres or MM – length in millimetres.

2 reviews for Powerslide NEXT Core Black 100 Urban Inline Skates Size 38/39EU

  1. vreyedoc (verified owner)

    This is my first pair of Powerslide skates. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the fitting and comfort level of the Next boots, because there are some bad reviews on youtube. But these skates have many features that attract me, so when I saw there was one pair of 38-39 size back on stock, I pulled the trigger. Three days later I am very happy about my choice.
    – The boots are well designed and made of high-quality material. The shell is very stiff, and the recall liner is thick and rigid too, so it was difficult on the first day to put my feet in and out of the boots. There was also a pressure point on the medial side of my right ankle. But once broken in, the boots and liner provide excellent support and power transfer. The pressure point disappeared on day 3.

    -Trinity works! three-point fixation is more secure than 165mm mount, I feel that the three M6 frame screws are less likely to get lose than two M8 for 165 frame mount. Maintainance and frame adjustment is also easier because you only have to take out one back wheel to assess the screw.

    – Very happy about the wheel size and base length. (I am a short guy with EU39 feet) The cruising speed is as fast as my rollerbalde RB 110mm (255 mm base length) but much more maneuverable. I wouldn’t say it’s as zippy as my 231/76 mm 4-wheel rocker setup, but I can pull off all my slalom moves on this 231/100 triskate setup. I expect the maneuverability to further increase with natural rocker when the front and back wheels wear down a little bit.

    -The toe box of Next boot does fit wider than other powerslide skates. I tried PS EVO HC carbon boots before, a 40-size HC EVO was squeezing my bunion. but I am ok with the 39-size Next.

  2. andrewjstubblefield (verified owner)

    I’m adding this review with some hesitation due to mixed feelings. I’ve been skating these for about 3 weeks, between 2 and 4 times per week. I skate mostly at the local park and then will traverse a few blocks around there, mixing it up between asphalt and concrete.
    My first disappointment came when the cuff lever broke the first time I put them on. This was mostly my fault as I did not trim the guide first and I tightened it too much in one go. I was able to scavenge a buckle off of a pair of FRX skates.
    However, today I decided to experiment with the laces. I normally only lace up to where the cuff buckle overlaps, but decided to lace to the top to get a better fit around my ankle. The grommets snapped the corners of the boot off when I went to pull them tight; so suddenly I actually laughed. Welp, I guess seco d to last grommet it is. To be fair, these boots took some finicky adjusting to get them not to hurt. They came very tight around the front of my ankles and I had to heat and slightly flare that out to make them fit right. Maybe this affected the plastic, don’t really care.
    What stinks is that the Trinity mounting is a DREAM. These 3 wheel skates feel more stable and grounded than my 4X80 setup and they are still my favorite skate for that reason alone, even though my FR’s (FRX) are objectively more comfortable and I’ve thrashed them to death without breaking any parts. Not to mention they were $100 cheaper. If I could add 3/4 of another star I would, but IMO these are not 4 star worthy.

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