SEBA High Light 80 Black Inline Skates
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SEBA High Light 80 Black Inline Skates


The High Light 80 Black is the 2021 version of the super-popular High Light inline skate! This model has freshened up with a new design and new specs. Enjoy the new slim Double strap, buckle, and premium insole.

The High Light skate is considered one of the most successful models by SEBA. Lighter, comfortable, and precise! This skate is optimized for ultimate performance.

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Perfect for Freestyle, Freeride, and City Skating.

  • Shell: Plastic With Soft Cover, Plastic Cuff 4 Positions
  • Closures: Top Metal Buckle Strap, Middle Slim Double Strap, Toe Velcro, and Laces
  • Cuff: Plastic
  • Liners: Integrated, Made from Mesh and Microfiber materials
  • Frames: Seba V2 Black flat 243mm
  • Frame Mount: 165mm (Aluminum Mounting Plates, 2×7 holes)
  • Wheels: Seba HL Black 80mm 85A
  • Bearings: Twincam ILQ9 PRO
  • Brake: Not Included (rec. Seba or FR Short Heel Brake)
  • Custom Color Kits: Red, White, Green, Violet, Blue, and Orange
  • Designed in France, made in China

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Weight4.7 kg

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Wheel Size (mm)

Seba Sizing Chart

Based on our experience, all of the SEBA skates are wider than average (excluding TriX2-W) and running true to the shoe size. These are the skates that work the best for people with wider feet.

Please note: your shoe size is the defining factor! Almost never, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is very wide, please go one size up to your shoe size. If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoes sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimetres or MM – length in millimetres.

  • The US shoe sizes mentioned in the sizing table are US men.

1 review for SEBA High Light 80 Black Inline Skates

  1. borispro (verified owner)

    SEBA High Light V2 are amazing slalom skates! FIVE STARS for sure, I would give more if I could. The price is fantastic. This is my best purchase of the year, or even in years.

    ProSkaters Place staff is superb! They are very diligent, responsible and responsive. I got replies to all my questions promptly. Thanks a lot for their help!

    I got these skates about a week ago and did a few outdoor road tests. So far they exceed my expectations. I am eager to skate them more and more.

    Shipped by ProSkaters Place the next day after I placed my order, arrived 2 days earlier than UPS promised. Great timing!

    SEBA High Light V2 impressed me right out of the box. High quality, solid materials, nice design. These skates have a great look, which I appreciated in full when I saw them outdoors. Skating them is like wearing a tuxedo.

    It is perfect! No problem with getting in, lacing, buckling whatsoever. I love these micrometric buckles! Boots are tight, but yet comfortable. Amazing ankle support. Perfectly balanced over the wheels. No adjustment is needed. They have a stiff shell, but are soft from inside, especially the upper cut around the calf. The cuff height is exactly what it should be.

    There is always a compromise between comfort and control. If you prefer control, you should be ready for some tightness. But it pays off. However, SEBA High Light V2 surprisingly provide BOTH control and comfort!

    NOTE: If you are going to buy these skates, please, look at my remarks on sizing at the end.

    SEBA High Light V2 skates are very fast and easy to roll. I love skating on the ice rink because of that feeling of free fly over the ice without any resistance. My previous rollerblades never gave me that feeling, but SEBA does due to ABEC-9 bearings and hard Seba Street Invaders 84A wheels.

    WARNING. Take care when going downhill – they are very fast. Really fast! And they have no brakes. Only a hockey stop or sharp slalom turn can save you.

    However, because of the amazing shock absorber riding is smooth. No vibration, no shaking whatsoever. You roll forward fast, but you feel as if you roll on tires.

    Grip between the wheels and the pavement is very strong. It let you make short-radius turns with deep angulation without risk to fall. Together with the stiff boot’s shell it gives full control and feeling of safety.

    Making short and long turns is my favourable style of skating. Usually I got tired after 10 km of training in my old K2s. In SEBA I felt as fresh at the end as I was at the beginning. I think I can easily double my training distance in these skates.

    I did not dare do any figure skating elements yet, but I got the feeling that SEBA High Light V2 are quite capable of it. Shorter base and harder wheels should give enough confidence and freedom in spins and turns.

    Again, I am very impressed with SEBA High Light V2 skates and would recommend them for all advanced skaters who love slalom.

    I am a devoted downhill skier with decades of skiing experience. My preferred skiing style is carving and slalom. Also I am an amateur ice figure skater.

    For more than 20 years I used rollerblades for off snow training during summer time. My previous skates were recreational K2, which are good for fitness, but not for slalom. I could replicate some slalom technique, but it was not very close to skiing.

    SEBA High Light V2 born for slalom! In these skates I feel myself as if I were racing the course on my World Cup slalom skis and top quality racing ski boots. No difference AT ALL. I would say that SEBA skates are even more precise in carving arcs and provide more feedback while learning. Excellent summer complement to winter training!

    There is a lot of confusion on the internet about choosing proper size for this model. The SEBA Sizing Chart gives contradictory information. This is my experience:

    My usual numbers are 43EU, 10US and 9UK. I consider my foot as normal or a little bit wide. I have a pretty high instep.

    I carefully measured my foot:

    length – 274 mm (right) and 280 mm (left)
    width  –  98 mm (right) and 104 mm (left)

    According to the SEBA Sizing Chart for SEBA High Light I need 44EU.

    That is NOT TRUE! I bought 43EU, as I usually do, and they fit perfectly. I consulted with ProSkaters Place specialists and they told me that I should look at “MP”, not at “Max foot length (mm)”. MP is your real foot length in cm.

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