Ski and Snowboard 20 minutes Simulator Session in Concord
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Ski and Snowboard 20 minutes Simulator Session in Concord


ProSkaters is Bringing the Mountain to you in Toronto, Ontario! You were dreaming of 365 days of skiing or snowboarding – it is here thanks to the state-of-the-art SkyTech Sports Simulators! We are proud to be your perfect mountain in Ontario year-round! The 20 minutes session will provide you with much more training opportunities and benefits than a full day of skiing on any ski slope in Ontario!

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Whether you have never seen snow or you follow the snow all year round, our virtual slopes are customized to suit anyone and everyone!.

  • The Racer: Compact Simulator with HD screen for endless courses and slaloms. Perfect to practice alpine carving for beginners and intermediate skiers or snowboarders. It offers the perfect opportunity to acquire and advance edging and other necessary techniques in the comfort of an indoor store and a completely safe environment.
  • The Lux: A very powerful simulator with a full panoramic screen and HD projection for endless trails and world-level competition slalom slopes. Faster acceleration with 30% G-force more than the compact simulator. That is the perfect tool to advance your skiing and snowboarding techniques to new levels, work on bad habits and errors, condition the right muscles for the season start, get ready for competitions or serious mountains ski trip, injury rehabilitation, and much much more! Besides, it is a perfect full-body workout and lots of fun!

The simulator knows everything you are doing with your skis or snowboard. Multiple built-in sensors track all the parameters, such as the position of your skis on the slope and your edging angles.

The main computer of the ski simulator empowers you to choose your trails and adjust all the snow conditions, including hard-packed, soft or icy snow. It can also generate bumps on the slope and create mogul-like terrain. Powerful motors are responsible for the simulation of physics and biomechanics of skiing.

A unique 3D-engine and a three-unit multimedia projection system generate a huge image of the running slope with a stunning resolution.

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Available only in our physical store located at 7250 Keele St., Improve building Entrance C, Concord, ON. A timeslot booking ahead of time is required!!! Please book at

**Boots rental is not included. Please bring your own ski or snowboard boots**

Racer Simulator:

-Ideal for Kids and Beginners

-Beginners have the best fun! Whether it’s your first time at the snow or you haven’t gone down the slopes in a long time there is only one way and it’s up from here

-Compact simulator option, with HD screens for endless trails and slalom courses. Built to practice alpine carving for beginners and intermediate skiers or riders

Lux Simulator:

-So you know a few things about the snow and you might be pretty skilled and want to turn up the speed, well we provide it all for you here

-Larger and more powerful simulator with full-panoramic screen and HD projection for endless trails, slaloms, giant slalom

-Full match of physical forces and biomechanics of skiing


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