Fischer Twin Skin Pro Medium IFP Nordic Skis 202cm

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Fischer Twin Skin Pro Medium IFP Nordic Skis. Get on track with Twin Skin! Twin Skin mohair strips are offset in variable depth channels with a higher profile under foot for grip, tapering to a lower profile to ensure smooth glide. Designed to work in a range of conditions and excel in hard and glazed tracks.

The Twin Skin Pro provides plenty of performance. It features a lightweight construction with a 70% mohair Twin Skin for grip when conditions turn hard or icy. Efficient Forward design optimizes the kick phase for skiers of any ability level.


Since the length of the skins cannot be adapted to the snow conditions, like ski way can, the individual position of the binding is particularly important. Thanks to the adjustable TURNAMIC® bindings you can specify performance: move them forward for more grip and easier climbing. Move them to the rear for noticeable better gliding properties. So you are ideally equipped for all conditions.


Treat your Twin Skin skis right and they’ll do the same for you. There are two specialized products that really get the job done: Easy Skin Cleaner cleans out everything that accumulates in the skins to ensure top gliding and climbing capabilities. The complementary Easy Anti Ice Skin HF, a liquid fluorine wax, reduces ice build-up on skins when conditions vary between moist and dry snow. Both of these products specifically avoid the use of greasy hydrocarbon solvents, protecting the adhesion of the skin to ski for long-lasting enjoyment in the snow.

Skis Length/Body Weight: 182cm/55-69kg, 187cm/65-79kg, 192cm/70-84kg, 197cm/75-94kg, 202cm/85-104kg, 207cm/95->110kg

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Fischer Twin Skin Pro Medium IFP Nordic Skis

**Bindings are not included with these skis and are sold separately**

  • Weight Per Ski: 1.330g/197cm
  • Base/Climbing Zone: World Cup Pro / Twin Skin Mohair Mix
  • Core: Air Tec Basalite
  • Sidecut: 41-44-44
  • Speed Grinding 2.0
  • Power Layer
  • Twin Skin Mohair Mix
  • Rental Tail Protector
  • BINDING: Sold Separately
  • Lengths: 182cm, 187cm, 192cm, 202cm, 207cm


Rental Tail Protector
Special components for extremely robust ski tails ensure they fulfill the durability requirements of ski rental.

Air Tec Basalite
Special air channels in the lightweight wood types reduce weight compared to the Air Channel construction. Basalt fibers for perfect flex characteristics regardless of temperature.

Twin Skin
Two separate skin strips arranged in offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in smooth and balanced gliding. Mohair skins ensure you can rely on the kick action, especially in hard or icy conditions.

Thanks to the unique Teflon coating of the skins, moisture absorption and subsequent icing are completely minimized.

Efficient Forward
Thanks to the revolutionary composition of proven materials the elasticity of the body of the ski is extremely increased: this guarantees a forgiving kick action and a new, easy-going skiing experience.

Power Layer
0.2 mm thin, extremely lightweight, a full-surface high-pressure laminate comprising natural fibers and resin for noticeable ski weight reduction.

Speed Grinding
Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.

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