Skate Sizing

Choosing the correct skate size is a very important task and usually even more important than choosing the skate model! All high-quality skates will have a break-in period and will adjust over time to the skater’s feet. Some will take longer and some shorter, but while you want to have a comfortable ride you do not want to have the skates too loose… The correct fit will determine much more than just the comfort - it will define how much control, power transfer, and agility you would have while skating, and even would affect the balance.

Please remember that the skates will feel the worst when you try them for the first time and from there the fit will only improve!!!

While various skating styles and skaters themselves have different preferences, below are the general instructions on how to determine the perfect fit for your new skates.


Most inline and roller skates are manufactured and sold in European sizes (EU), so your US / UK sizing could be a wrong idea to use due to conversion inaccuracies. Furthermore, even if you know your European sizing, every shoe and skate manufacturer has a slightly different fit and sizing, therefore your standard shoe size might not assure a perfect fit but that is the best way to estimate your skate size. In any case, the inline and roller skate size should be either equal to your shoe size or no more than one size up or down from it.

Based on our experience, the best way to determine your skate size is to take a look at your current pair of skates and/or running shoe labels for MM / CM / MP / MONDO numbers. These numbers are indicating the maximum foot length that will fit into the pair, while MM shows the measurement in millimeters and CM/MP/MONDO is centimeters. Having these numbers along with the EU sizes from these shoes, you will be able to determine the size of the skates that you need by looking into the brand or model-specific sizing chart (usually located in the Sizing tab under the skates photos or as one of the product photos). If cannot be located, please send us an inquiry and we gladly will help you out!

Important: Many shops are recommending measuring your feet to determine your skate size, but we have found that this leads to too many mistakes and do not recommend that. If after following the instructions above you are finding yourself stuck in between two sizes, you could measure your feet according to the directions below. In this case, your shoe size is still the defining factor, so if the measurement is showing more than one size up or down, something is wrong with the measurement! If your foot is wider than average, please go one size up. Usually, Seba, FR, and Adapt skates fit wider than average, Powerslide and K2 average, Flying Eagle and Rollerblade average to narrow...

Still, want to measure your feet? Here is how to do it:

You’ll need paper, a pen, a flat wall, and, if possible, a buddy to help. It’s best to measure your feet later in the day after you have been on them for a few hours to account for swelling.
Find a hard floor with a flat wall. Tape a piece of paper down so that it touches the wall. Stand on the paper in bare feet, with your heel just touching the wall.
Have your friend take a book and place it so that it just touches the tip of your longest toe. Mark the spot where the book meets your toe. Do this with both feet and use the larger of the two measurements. Measure your foot length in millimeters, if possible. If you measure in inches, be sure to measure in 16ths of an inch.
Choose your size from the manufacturer's sizing chart. The “Max Foot Length” is the longest foot measurement that will fit into that size. The US Men’s column lists the sizes found on the box.

Here is a great sizing video courtesy of Powerslide:



Our sizing advice is targeted at freestyle or dance skater who wants a very snug fit in their skate to enjoy maximum control. Our instructions will give a fit that prioritizes control over comfort. If comfort is a higher priority, or if you have an especially wide or oddly shaped foot, you may do well to choose a slightly larger size. If you are near the boundary between two sizes, you would probably be better off going with the larger size in case you prefer comfort over control.

Notes about Width
In general, the Plastic Boot skates with a built-in liner have a narrower fit through the foot, while the boots with a removable liner and soft boots have a somewhat wider fit. The Carbon is a bit wider through the toe box than the plastic boot skates because the carbon fiber boot has less flex. As a rule of thumb, skates with built-in liners and "regular" liners will have less adjustment room.

We gladly will guide you in case you have any further questions. Email us at [email protected]

To help you better, please include all the sizing information off one or two pairs of skates or running shoes that you currently have including EU/US/UK/MP/CM/MM/MONDO, etc...

Powerslide Storm Black 110 Inline Skates 2024


Powerslide Storm Black 110 Inline Skates are the new urban big wheel skate with 165mm standard mounting. Are you ready for some intense big-wheel action? Powerslide has released an all-new urban hard boot skate: the Storm. Engineered around the popular 165mm mounting standard like the legendary Imperial boot, the Storm has a wider all-around fit giving the foot space to move, and is suitable also for skaters with wider feet in the toe or heel regions.

The base of the Powerslide Storm Black 110 hardboot is sleek and durable – ready for fast and intense urban skating action. The boot offers skaters a wider fit compared to many other boots on the market. Ideal for big wheel urban skating, the Storm Black 110 is strong and supportive and comes with a height-adjustable cuff. The hardboot is complemented by an MYFIT Fat Boy dual-fit liner featuring anatomical padding which ensures a snug and comfortable fit every time.

The Powerslide Storm Black 110 Inline Skates are paired with the sturdy Surface aluminum frame, a 2-in-1 frame allowing skaters to roll on a 4x80mm or 3x110mm wheel setup. The skate comes with fast and responsive Powerslide Spinner 110mm/88A wheels rolling on super smooth Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. The Powerslide Storm Black 110 is wide-boot skate ready for fast and fun big wheel urban inline skating.

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Powerslide Storm Black 110 Inline Skates are perfect for Powerblading, Urban, and Fitness

  • Shell: TPO hard boot
  • Closures: Upper Strap, Middle Micro adjustable ratchet buckle, laces
  • Liners: MYFIT Fat Boy heat-moldable, Dual Fit
  • Frame: Powerslide Surface 2 in 1 AL ADC10 Trinity White 3x110mm or 4x80mm
  • Frames Size: 10,2″ (260mm)
  • Frame Mount: 165mm
  • Wheels:  Powerslide Spinner 110mm / 88A SHR (Super High Rebound)
  • Bearings: Wicked ABEC9
  • Brake: not Included. Optional Urban Brake size L (3-wheel setup), Urban brake size M (4-wheel setup)
  • Skate Weight: 1785g (size 41/42EU)
Powerslide Storm Black 110 - Product Video


Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

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Skating Style




Wheel Size (mm)

Boot Durability

Boots Comfort

Boots Control

Boots Fit

Setup Speed

Recommended Skill Level

Boot Ventilation


PS Storm Sizing

According to Powerslide, the Storm boots fit wider than average and fairly true to the shoe size.

Please note: your shoe size is the defining factor! Rarely, the size of the inline skates will be smaller than your shoe size. If your foot is wider than average, please go one size up than your shoe size. As a general rule, the Powerslide fits average in width.

Powerslide Storm Black 110 Sizing Chart

If you want to use the foot length information to narrow the sizing down, the best way is to get that information from your running/sports shoe sizing label. Almost always they will have one of the following: MP/MONDO/CM – length in centimeters or MM – length in millimeters.


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